Peak PKC0AZ Review

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PROS / This battery booster features a USB port, a reverse polarity indicator and a built-in, LED work light.

CONS / Peak only provides a 90-day warranty, and there is no automatic turn off to prevent overcharging.

VERDICT / The Peak PKC0AZ is a great alternate power source during an emergency, jump-starts most vehicles with ease and helps you see in dark conditions with the LED light.

Finding out you left your lights on and drained your car battery is one of the worst feelings a driver can get. Fortunately, you can get back on the road with a simple jump-start from a battery booster such as the Peak PKC0AZ.

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This car battery booster is a portable, jump-start solution that delivers 450 cold cranking amps to your battery, which is the perfect range for most passenger vehicles. Unlike other jump starters, the Peak PKC0AZ is equipped with a power switch, so you don't have to worry about this jump starter becoming a safety hazard or draining away as it sits in your trunk.

  1. How many amps the charger delivers at 0° F
  2. 8 Peak
    450 amps
  3. 100 amps
  4. 110 amps
  5. 75 amps
  6. Category Average
    259.00 amps

A USB port and a 12-volt power plug are built into the Peak PKC0AZ, making this battery booster a great way to power a 12-volt light or radio as well as recharge your mobile devices like a phone or MP3 player. An LED light is also built into the unit, making it easier to see where to connect in dark or low light conditions.

This auto battery booster is not capable of recharging or maintaining your batteries like a car battery charger. However, it is a great addition to your home auto maintenance or emergency preparedness supplies. The Peak PKC0AZ is compatible with 12-volt, lead-acid batteries, the most common type of battery used for automobiles, boats and recreation vehicles, but not with AGM, gel-cell or deep-cycle batteries.

The insulated, spark-resistant clamps and cables wrap around on each side of the battery booster, making it easy to keep the PKC0AZ neat and tidy. The included charging cable plugs into any standard wall socket and the battery recharges to full capacity in a matter of hours. This auto battery booster does not feature an automatic shut off, so you will need to keep an eye on it while it recharges or it may overheat.

Another good safety feature of the Peak PKC0AZ is the reverse polarity warning light. If you place a clamp on the wrong battery post and try to jump-start it, it could cause the battery to explode. This unit comes equipped with a warning light that indicates if you have correctly connected to your battery.

Equipped with a very sturdy, built-in handle and only weighing 12 pounds, the Peak PKC0AZ is easy to cart around. It can easily be stored in a compartment in an RV or boat and doesn't take up much room in a trunk.


The Peak PKC0AZ jump starter can provide you with the confidence you need to get your vehicle battery going again in an emergency. Additionally, the built-in USB and 12-volt power ports help make this unit a good, alternate power supply on camping trips or as part of an emergency preparedness kit. If you need jump-start power, the Peak PKC0AZ is good choice.

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