Clore Jump Starter JNC660 Review

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PROS / This jump-starter has 425 cold cranking amps of power and has a built-in, 12-volt power plug and battery status gauge.

CONS / The unit does not have a power switch, there is no reverse polarity safety feature and the warranty is only good for one year.

VERDICT / The Clore JNC660 is a powerful, auto jump-starter that is easy to use and delivers strong charges to get your vehicle started. If you just want to jump-start a battery, then this is a good unit to use.

The Clore Automotive JNC660 packs a big punch with its 1,700 peak amps of jump-starting power. This straightforward auto battery booster is easy for anyone to use and can be conveniently stored and transported. While there are no digital or backlit displays, the JNC660 has an easy-to-read battery test gauge located on the front of the unit that can measure the remaining charge in your batteries.

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This battery booster is compatible with most lead-acid 12-volt batteries found in motorcycles, cars and boats. It is not compatible with Automated Glass Mat (AGM), gel-cell or deep-cycle type batteries. You can recharge at any standard wall outlet with an extension cord, and because the JNC660 has a built-in, shut-off, safety feature, you can leave the unit plugged in without the worry of overcharging.

  1. How many amps the charger delivers at 0° F
  2. 10 Clore Jump Starter
    425 amps
  3. 100 amps
  4. 110 amps
  5. 75 amps
  6. Category Average
    259.00 amps

The Clore Automotive JNC660 Jump Starter includes two cable-storage units, one on each side, to maintain and care for the model’s 46-inch jumper cables. There is no power switch, so you must keep the cables separated and stored correctly so they don't spark or become a safety hazard. Clore backs the JNC660 product with a one-year warranty with the model beginning on the date of purchase.

Transporting the JNC660 Jump Starter is not a problem. The unit includes a built-in handle, is small enough to be placed in the trunk of your car and weighs a reasonable 18 pounds. This portability makes the JNC660 a great accessory for any automobile owner, especially during the winter.

This jump starter does not include many elaborate safety features other than its insulated and spark-resistant jumper cables and clamps. One significant missing safety feature is this battery charger will not detect reverse polarity or improper connection of jumper cables to a dead battery’s terminals. Be sure you double-check the connections before starting a job or you may ruin your battery.


The Clore Automotive JNC660 Jump Starter is missing many features that our best car battery chargers include as standards, such as reverse polarity detection. That being said, this battery charger is worth considering if you need heavy-duty, jump-starting power and portability.

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