The Clore Automotive JNC660 Jump Starter packs the biggest punch of any battery charger on our lineup with its 1,700 peak amps of jump-starting power. Beyond its jump-starting ability, however, this charger doesn’t have much else in its hand.

The automatic JNC660 Jump Starter is compatible with most 12-volt batteries found in motorcycles, cars and boats – any batteries that are not Automated Glass Mat (AGM), gel-cell, or deep-cycle types, that is. There is also a battery tester on the front of the unit with an easy-to-read gauge for convenience. Other than these options, this battery charger doesn’t offer much else. Its lack of a 6-volt battery charging option, the omission of various charging rates and its incompatibility with the aforementioned battery types puts this battery charger behind much of the competition. On a side note, however, this unit does recharge batteries in a surprisingly fast fashion, taking about five hours on average.

With its amped-up jump-starting capability of 1,700 amps, the JNC660 Jump Starter is easily the most powerful battery charger on our lineup. You won't have problems jumping any battery with this type of power, and multiple jumps are sure to be in store with this model before you have to recharge it.

The Clore Automotive JNC660 Jump Starter includes two cable-storage units, one on each side, to maintain and care for the model’s 46 inch jumper cables. No other notable features that would enhance the durability of this battery charger are listed, such as a cooling fan or a carrying case. Clore backs this product with a one-year warranty with the model beginning on the date of purchase.

Transportation of the JNC660 Jump Starter should not be a worry. The unit includes a built-in handle, is small enough to be placed in the trunk of a car or inside a vehicle and weighs a reasonable 18 pounds.

As mentioned before, one of the nicer features of this battery charger is its 46 inch jumper cables, a length that can come in handy on occasion. A scanty few push-buttons for charging and jump- starting are located on the display panel, but if you’re hoping for lighted signals, you will be disappointed with this model’s lack of indicators. Also, no automatic turn-off feature is available on the JNC660 Jump Starter, increasing the risk of overcharging a battery if you’re not careful.

This unit includes no elaborate safety features to speak of other than its insulated and spark-resistant jumper cables and clamps. This battery charger will not detect reverse polarity or improper connection of jumper cables to a dead battery’s terminals, so you will have to double check the connection before starting a job.

Clore Jump Starter Summary:

This jump-starting unit obviously has its perks. Most battery chargers do not charge a dead battery in one to five hours, and most certainly do not have a peak amperage capacity of 1,700 amps. Then again, most battery chargers include slow and fast charge-rate options along with lighted signals and indicators, just to name a few features that the Clore Automotive JNC660 Jump Starter is missing. Similar to its relative, the Booster PAC ES5000, this battery charger is only worth taking a chance on if you’re willing to sacrifice some of its missing features for its heavy-duty charging and jump-starting power. In most cases, you can probably find a better option.

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Clore Jump Starter JNC660

It has a great jumping power with 1,700 amps behind its punch.

It's weak on charging options, such as multiple charging rates.

The Verdict
: 6.38/10

Like its brother, the Booster Pac, it has lots of power and not much else.