Power, power and more power pretty much sums up the abilities of the Clore Booster PAC ES5000. With its 1,500 amps of jump-starting power, this one-dimensional and automatic battery charger can get any 12-volt, regular battery going again in no time, but sadly, can’t do much else.

For all the jump-starting power and sustainability it possesses, the Booster PAC ES5000 is compatible with Automated Glass Mat (AGM), flooded, gel-cell, deep-cycle, spiral wound and marine batteries. This battery charger leaves much to be desired due to its lack of slow and fast charge-rate options and an engine-start feature. Average charge time, according to the owner’s manual, is between four and 18 hours.

Along with its peak amperage of 1,500 amps, this battery charger also has the charge and sustainability to make 30 jumpstarts before needing a recharge itself, making it an ideal machine when it comes to its jump-starting capability. At 1,500 amps this car battery charger is the second-most powerful model on our lineup.

Equipped with a cable storage unit for its 43 inch jumper cables, the Booster PAC ES5000 does ensure that its heavy-duty cables have a nice place to stay when they’re not in use. The unit also includes a one-year warranty and guarantee from Clore from the date of purchase. But again, this battery charger is by no means a multi-dimensional unit. It lacks essential features such as a carrying case and cooling fan, making it a less-than-ideal model of choice for someone who’s looking for durability in a battery charger.

Weighing 18 pounds, the ES5000 is neither the heaviest nor the lightest unit currently on the market. A built-in handle is also available, making life easier for those who have to carry this battery charger around. It stands at 4.4 inches tall, stretches 18 inches in length and spans 8 inches in width.

Included with the Booster Pac ES5000 is an instruction manual equipped with a troubleshooting and FAQ section to answer any questions and address any problems you might encounter with this battery charger. The ES5000 also includes lighted indicators and push-button controls on its digital display panel which that will inform you of the status on a charge job.

You won’t need to stretch to complete any charge or jump job with this battery charger and its convenient 43 inch jumper cables. On the flip side, this model does not have the ability to shutoff on its own after charging is complete, so you must be aware and turn off the pack manually. Failure to do so may result in an overcharge and damage to the battery.

Again, the ES5000 leaves much to be desired in terms of its safety features. Although it includes the typical insulated and spark-resistant jumper cables and clamps, no reverse-polarity indicator, warning light or work light is installed in the unit. If you’re a first-time user, make sure to properly connect the cables to your battery’s terminal to ensure no damage is done from a reverse or poor connection. You should also avoid night jobs with this battery charger unless you are close to a light source.

Clore Booster PAC Summary:

The Clore Booster Pac ES5000 can easily give any 12-volt battery a good jolt, but it does little else that can be considered respectable. If you’re looking for more than just power in a battery charger, you should definitely scratch this option off your list.

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Clore Booster PAC ES5000

It has a great jump-starting capability with 1,500 amps of power.

There isn't a carrying case or cooling fan.

The Verdict
: 6.63/10

You'll get lots of power with the Clore Booster PAC ES5000, but that's about it.