Clore Booster PAC ES5000 Review

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PROS / This car battery charger has 400 cold cranking amps with a maximum draw of 1500 peak amps.

CONS / There is no off switch, the unit cannot charge batteries and Clore only includes a one-year warranty.

VERDICT / While this unit cannot charge your batteries, the Clore Booster PAC is a good choice if all you need is a portable jump-starter that can handle larger vehicle batteries.

The Clore Booster PAC ES5000 is a battery jump-starter with plenty of power behind it to get even the largest vehicles started. While this auto battery booster isn't designed to recharge vehicle batteries, its 1,500 amps of jump-starting power make it a good choice for drivers of trucks and other heavy-duty automobiles.

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This rechargeable battery booster leaves much to be desired as a car battery charger due to its lack of slow and fast charge-rate options, but the Clore Booster PAC ES5000 is compatible with Automated Glass Mat (AGM), flooded, gel-cell, deep-cycle, spiral wound and marine batteries. This range of compatibility makes this jump-starter a good companion for recreational vehicles, home mechanics and heavy-duty trucks.

  1. How many amps the charger delivers at 0° F
  2. 11 Clore Booster PAC
    400 amps
  3. 100 amps
  4. 110 amps
  5. 75 amps
  6. Category Average
    259.00 amps

The ES5000 has the sustainability to make up to 30 jump-starts before needing a recharge itself, making it an ideal machine when it comes to portable jump-starting capability. The charging cable is included with the unit, along with detailed instructions and troubleshooting hints. Clore provides a one-year warranty and guarantee from the date of purchase.

The 43-inch jumper cables are stored on the unit itself, fitting snugly inside grooves. The clamps are stored on hooks on the sides of the unit. The ES5000 weighs in at 18 pounds and has a built-in handle, making life easier for those who have to carry this battery charger around. It stands at 4.4 inches tall, stretches 18 inches in length and spans 8 inches in width. This battery jump-starter can be stowed under a seat or in a trunk or storage compartment with ease.

This model does not have the ability to shutoff on its own after charging is complete, so you must monitor its progress to be sure that the unit does not overcharge and become a safety hazard. Additionally, the Clore Booster PAC does not have a reverse polarity warning or safety feature. This means that you could potentially ruin a battery if you place the clamps on the wrong battery posts. Be sure to take your time and connect the cables correctly.


The Clore Booster Pac ES5000 can easily give any 12-volt battery a good jolt, but it leaves much to be desired in terms of safety features and charging capabilities. If you’re looking for a jump-starter that has the power and longevity to last, then the Clore Booster PAC ES5000 is a good choice.

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